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Data & Insights

Smart Data, Smart Analysis, Smarter Decisions.

Unlocking meaningful Insights for pioneering Business Intelligence
In today's competitive and sometimes fickle economy organizations need to do more for less. Gaining an 'information edge' using data is not only a cost effective way of making efficiency savings, but also of generating new revenue streams and abating risks in developing markets.

TRUCK AUR BUS brings you unprecedented insights for the Commercial Vehicles Sector. With hands on data for consumer behaviors, segmented geo-demographics break-ups and key adversary alignments OEMs and allied interest groups - acquire newer actionable intelligence and build competitive advantage.

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Predictive Analysis

Research your prospective and existing customer behavior across 150 different variables with advanced and customizable visualizations in realtime. Get definitive insights into your product and end customer association. Appraise revenue potential prospects that customers will bring you. Assess customers' financial lifetime in advance to better understand future revenue flows.


Predictive Modeling

Be at the forefront to identify and plan for the unexpected with automated predictive modeling. Use our intuitive data modeling tools and predictive algorithms or define your own "if-then-else" modeling rules to datasets. Identify customers being at risk to switch to a competitor brand. Proactively diagnose and alleviate potential gaps in your customer lifecycle communications strategy.


Not Just any other Analytics Platform

Unlike other BI Analytics services We provide You with not just the tools but reliable realtime data streams, collected across multiple channels. Whether its the virtual world or on-ground across Indian States and South East Asia, get an hassle-free access to all the data.



Get access to unstructured data for your in-house analysis, Or, schedule daily reports with highlights for on-the-go senior executives. Export data in over 7 different popular formats, from MS Excel to PDFs or use our seamless Visualizations online. Plug-in your own data streams along with TAB in-house data seamlessly for cohesive insights of your business process/products.


Fast and reliable SaaS platform

TAB datasets' processing and computations are based on cutting edge Hybrid Transaction / Analytical Processing (HTAP) for faster in-memory operations. No propriety software installation, maintenance or licensing - leverage our infrastructure on the cloud and across multiple devices.


Simple, Innovative and Dedicated

Get simple and innovative insights that help you analyse complex data interactions, backed by our champion service and support team 24/7. Interested? Get started here.